The Most Beloved Animals On The Internet

Punny Stuff | 5/17/19

There’s a war going on right now and you probably don’t even realize it. Cats and dogs are competing en masse to take over the internet. How are they doing it? They’re wooing us with their adorable faces, cute tricks, and public outreach, hoping to become our “favorite” pet. From Grumpy Cat to Toast the adorable dog that was rescued from a puppy mill, they know exactly what it takes to make us fawn over their unique personalities and looks. Grumpy Cat is the most famous of all internet pets but she’s not alone in her pursuit of internet glory.

Harlow and Sage Have A Book Deal


Harlow and Sage are a Weimaraner+Doxi duo and arguably the most snuggly and friendliest doggy duo on the planet. These puppies went viral after the internet realized they were possibly two of the most expressive puppies on the entire planet. Not only did Harlow and Sage become internet famous, they also landed a book deal.

The book is titled “Harlow and Sage (and Indiana) A True Story About Best Friends.” They may have a book deal but other animals on our list have been even more internet famous and some feature their own lineup of product endorsements.