Trash-tastic Garbage Dwellers Who Put A Yucky Stain On The Human Race

lol | 10/12/18

If you’re already on the fence about wanting to take the first flight off of this planet, don’t read this article. It’s going to be that push you need to sell the house and grab the first red-eye to Mars.

It’s not a surprise that there are trashy people living among us. They’re our neighbors, co-workers, an even family members. We tolerate them because we have to, but now that space travel is becoming a thing, we may no longer have to. The people in this article are yucky, so stay strong.

I Want To Puke


There’s nothing worse then having to fly. Why? Well, because you can’t control how your flight is going to be. Yes, turbulence sucks, but crying babies suck more.

Yes, delayed flights suck, but people putting their dirty bare feet in your hair sucks more. Anyone who says that they enjoy flying is not a human.