This Guy Ruined Everyone’s Shopping Trip Because He Couldn’t Stop Making Puns

lol | 11/7/18

Going out shopping is one of my least favorite chores. It requires me to put on pants (which is obviously a bad start) and go out in the world to interact with people.

While some customers will walk around with their eyes wide open at all of the possible purchases lining the shelves, I try to keep my hood up and avoid direct eye contact down every isle.

Luckily for me, I do most of my shopping by myself. That wasn’t the case for this unlucky couple. It looks like these two hit up IKEA for some basic odds and ends, but for some reason decided to bring a third wheel along. That’s a huge strike. If you’re trying to decorate your new dream house, the last thing you want is any outside interference. Unfortunately, they didn’t just get some bad recommendations on curtains — they got more puns than anyone could handle.