These Yearbook Entries Will Laugh A Lifetime

lol | 2/7/19

While some people want to portray themselves in their yearbook in the best light possible, others wish to embarrass themselves. These are the people you should be friends with — non-egotistical and funny people who aren’t afraid to be self-deprecating and sometimes brutally honest.

From making fun of their own appearance to hilarious quotes that will make their parents cringe, a yearbook is a canvas for creative expression. Yearbooks are journeys into the past that most us don’t want to relive anyways, so why not have fun with it? These incredibly funny yearbook entries will have you wishing you were back in high school, which you probably didn’t think was possible.

Have you ever wondered what a swordfish would look like if it was a student in a yearbook? That’s coming up shortly.


Who knew that someone could be so well rehearsed in the Wookie language of Shryiiwook? It’s a tough dialect to be able to nail, and an even harder language to put on paper, so kudos to Diane. Look out Han Solo because it looks like you might have some competition in the “Chewbacca’s my best friend” department.