These Short People Prove That The World Was Just Not Made With Them In Mind

lol | 11/26/18

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that short people come into this world having to fight an uphill battle. Not only do they have to climb the hill with shorter legs, but they also have to do it with tinier brains. Just kidding, obviously.

Just as the world really wasn’t built with people who are over 7 feet (I’m looking at your airplanes), it also wasn’t made for short people. Other than not being able to ride roller coasters, always getting ID’d at the bar, and never being able to touch the ground when they’re sitting — they also face other challenges that we never think of.

End Mirror Discrimination

Photo Credit: Instagram / @kalesalad
Photo Credit: Instagram / @kalesalad

It’s a continuing battle between short people and public washroom mirrors. The mirrors have to play to the average height of its users which means that short people often get the, uh, short end of the stick?

At the very least, at least they can see exactly what their forehead and a few their eyebrows are doing.