These Pictures Have Us Refreshingly Confused About The Human Race

lol | 11/26/18

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the human race is incredibly confusing. All seven billion of us are genetically different, have different interests, hobbies, and even some different body parts.

With that, people’s intelligence is scattered on a spectrum along with their sense of humor. While some people got lucky and were blessed with book smarts and street smarts, many others weren’t blessed with any of them. That may be unfortunate for those people, but we’re kind of thankful for it because it gives us endless amounts of entertainment.

So Many Questions To Ask

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

Feet are already disgusting, but if feet looked like they do in this picture on a regular basis, they would be vomit worthy.

But, to answer the question, no you aren’t the only one whose charger looks like that. By about day two of having a charger the wires start to fray, and you risk getting electrocuted.