These People Are The Biggest Jerks, But Honestly, This Is Me IRL

lol | 1/22/19

None of us are perfect, not even Beyonce or Ryan Reynolds. For example, Ryan Reynolds chews with his mouth open and Beyonce hates baby hedgehogs, which are completely discrediting character flaws in your ask me. Whether you want to believe those “facts” or not, sometimes it feels good to be passive aggressive or a complete jerk.

Many of us have a moral compass that tells us to stop pushing our little siblings off the trampoline and start being nice. Unfortunately, the “moral compass” gene skipped a generation with these people in this list. Not going to lie, we can be thankful for it because some of these are hilarious. Enjoy.

Light Traveller

Being on a hot, smelly bus is bad enough, but now add jerks like this person to the mix and it becomes even worse. When it’s a full bus and seats are scarce, there’s nothing worse than someone giving their suitcase a seat to themselves. Actually, I take that back. If they do so while exposing their bare feet then that makes it much worse.