People Who Got Exactly What They Asked For And Unfortunately, It’s Hilarious

lol | 1/30/19

Sometimes people take what you say too literally. And we don’t mean “literally” in the way that society is now working the word into every other sentence, but literally in the sense that you get what you ask for. That’s exactly what these people received and these should be cautionary tales to the rest of us!

Make This Taste Like Satan’s Breath

Photo Credit: Reddit / @Lowgen
Photo Credit: Reddit / @Lowgen

In every group of friends, there’s that person who goes over the top and doesn’t stop talking about how they don’t understand the idea that not everyone likes spice.

This order is exactly what this friend deserves. It only takes one experience when you feel like your mouth is burning in the pit of hell to start rethinking how much you actually like spice. When is the moment for this person? Soon….