People Who Are Just Going Around Ruining Your Perfectly Good Mood

lol | 12/10/18

Some people wake up every morning with the intention of making the world just a little bit better. They’re the bright light in even the worst situations and just have a knack for being positive.

Then, there are the people who wake up with rage. Their goal is to ensure that everyone around them has a worse day than them. They’re the ones who are a buzzkill in every situation. We need these people around because they bring the entertainment, good or bad.

The Absolute Worst Sight

Photo Credit: Reddit / MrMegaGamerz
Photo Credit: Reddit / MrMegaGamerz

There’s nothing more calming than knowing your teacher will give a grace period for any late assignments.

Teachers who have cutthroat deadlines are the spawns of Satan. Just let us students procrastinate our end-of-term projects until the last minute in peace, please.