If You’re Going To Write A Letter To Santa, This Is The Way To Do It

lol | 12/18/18

Writing a letter to Santa is serious business. I hear he only gives present to children with excellent penmanship. Also, you have to say please and thank you in the letter or else he doesn’t even read it. The elf who sorts his mail for him is very particular.

Keep reading to see some of the greatest and funniest letters written to the one and only Santa Claus. You know, the guy with the beard who lives in the North Pole.

Ouch, Right In The Childhood

Photo Credit: Neloku / Reddit
Photo Credit: Neloku / Reddit

I mean, he kind of wakes up. He talks to Simba from the sky. You can’t play with my emotions like this, kid.

I just got over Bambi’s mom. This one is too much for me. Also, Simba’s dad has a name. It’s Mufasa. Don’t forget him.