If You Understand These Tweets, It’s Been Awhile Since You Last Got Some

lol | 1/8/19

Everyone has a different sex drive and we all have an idea what a “dry spell” is. But, there’s one thing a lot of us can nod our heads in agreement about — wanting sex and not having it sucks.

Currently, Twitter is full of people complaining about the number of the days they’ve suffered through without sex. They’ve shared what they lived through and what it’s driven them to do. It’s funny as hell and while some Tweets are vividly detailed, here’s what people had to say.

Let’s All Pray For This Streak To End

Photo Credit: @KingHussain_7/Twitter
Photo Credit: @KingHussain_7/Twitter

Do NOT make fun of this young man. First off, he’s not alone in the situation, but that’s what college is for, right? Secondly, some girl is going to see this maybe she’ll slide into the DMs.

Lastly, but most importantly, he’s going to get some action long before the Cleveland Browns ever appear in a Super Bowl.