Hilarious Memes That Perfectly Illustrate The Life Of An Introvert

lol | 10/16/18

Introverts and extroverts are total opposites. Introverts do their thing by spending time alone as they lose energy if they’re around people for a long time. For extroverts, they thrive off energy from other people and exhaust themselves if they’re alone.

Before you go on to judge one group or the other, check out the anxiety and innovation of being introvert through animals, TV characters and cartoons. It really sum up their life in general. Interestingly enough, introverts can be great at observational humor too!

In Real Life


You see, back in 1997, they had this called a land line. All that’s missing here are some Malteasers and the box set of Seinfeld. I would so get on board for that, especially if it means canceling plans you made two weeks ago.

Sometimes, you need time for yourself.