Every Time That Fragile Masculinity Proved Women Are One Step Closer To Taking Over The World

lol | 1/17/19

Boys grow up with blue rooms, playing with toy trucks, and rubbing dirt in their cuts instead of crying about it. Those gender “norms” seem harmless, but those people grow up with the idea that being a man means acting a certain way. Before you know it, those men are feeling utterly helpless because they’ve finally realized that the world doesn’t revolve around them. It’s a tough pill to swallow, I know.

To make up for this shocking revelation, they double down on their masculinity with outrageous products like the tactical camo diaper bag and books of “broetry.” While the men are busy trying to patch up their fragile masculinity any way they can, the women of the world are organizing in the wings waiting to strike.

Imagine Being Scared To Eat A Donut Because It Had Pink Icing

Photo credit: @pizza_chu / Twitter
Photo credit: @pizza_chu / Twitter

Life is hard when even the local Country Style has restricted your ability to choose a donut in peace. Long gone are the days where you could count on walking in, getting a vanilla dip, and having it count on being a manly-colored icing.

Finally, someone has invented a donut so dry that it can crumble as easily as the patriarchy.