Horrific Scars Transformed Into Remarkable Tattoos

celebrity | 2/8/19

Many people get tattoos just for the “cool” factor they provide. But other folks have tattoos for a much deeper reason. These are inspirational stories about people who turned their physical scarring from various conditions into beautiful works of art.

You Turn The Screws

At the age of 15, Emily was diagnosed with scoliosis. Her situation was much more dire than most people living with the condition. In order to lead a functioning life as an adult, she would need surgery. Her hospital visit included getting 15 screws in her vertebrae and two titanium rods placed on both sides of her spine. After the procedure, she spent her remaining time in high school being in a wheelchair. When she was 20, Emily decided to get a tattoo as a reminder of her struggle. In the middle of her tattoo, you can still see her surgery scars.