Too Much Laughing Gas? Nope, These Doctors Prove They Can Be Funny Too

lol | 10/22/18

Being a doctor is not a secure career. You have to go through years of schooling, and it’s one of the most stressful jobs in the world. But, the important thing about this occupation is that you’re taking care of someone’s life.

From bright signs being placed around the office to doc’s causing shenanigans without causing damage, you’ll appreciate doctors more than ever. And who knows, maybe your doctor or dentist might have a fun side to them too because laughter is the best medicine.

Don’t Mess With The Prosthesis Doctor


With barbed wire and all, this doctor is ready for business. But, this is SO Negan from The Walking Dead, and the doctor’s sass game is on point.

It might be a bit too much for some, but at least this doctor has the ability to be a comedian.

A Complimentary Bag Of Nuts After Your Vasectomy


Now, that’s rubbing salt on a raw wound. It lightens the mood a little bit, but that would suck if you were allergic to nuts. But, a word of advice for the men. If you plan to do this, book it on the first weekend of March Madness.

You’ll thank me later.

Anything Is Really

Well, that’s not saying much is it? When it comes to art that’s saying a message we all need to hear, this advertising is doing a pretty good job with that. It would be kind of lame to see this every day, especially if you live nearby.

Even Chuck Norris couldn’t break your crowns.

Hopefully, the next one ahead doesn’t have a gadget that won’t be as cold as a dog’s nose. But, it’s a million to one shot.

Surprise, The Toothfairy Showed Up For Your Appointment!


The only difference is that people have to pay him instead of the other way around. Well, maybe now the kids won’t be too afraid of going to the dentist.

I think it’s a great idea, especially for the kids going into the chair for the first time.

When You Look Like The Guy In The Poster


It’s not every day where you look like someone from a poster. But, for this guy, he’s about to become a celebrity in the doctor’s office. Like, the next time he shows up, the receptionists will be like "Oh hey, guy from the poster, back for another appointment, eh?"

Obviously, yes.

It Was A Million To One Shot, Doc


Hopefully, the colonoscopy gadget won’t be as cold as the dog’s nose. I wasn’t aware that colorectal exam instruction manuals were allowed to be seen by patients.

But, the Seinfeld fan in me knows that if any dry fusilli pasta noodle goes up your butt, this is the place to be.

Be sure to get your game face ready. You will learn what a human transformer looks like in just a bit.

Stool Sample


I want to see who that sample came from. You can imagine it came from a chair, but here’s how the conversation could have gone down:

Patient — “Well, doc, you asked for a stool sample. You know what’s wrong with me?” Doc — “I’ve got an idea. Nurse, get a psych consultant in here, stat!”

A Sense Of Humor Goes A Long Way

Seriously though, this is a good sense of humor. You can bet these signs were placed there by a nurse. It makes you want to go through, even if you don’t belong there. But, for me, I wouldn’t be 100 feet near this ward.

I’m going to have nightmares.

Get Your Game Face Ready


Okay, I think every doctor’s office needs to have this. It perfectly sums up every guy’s reaction to birth. But, the "She’s like a human transformer" was so funny, the last time I laughed so hard was when I fell off my dinosaur.

Seriously though, it’s gold, doc, gold!

Read ahead to see why it’s funny to have a Keep Calm sign in the doctor’s office.



What a sweet doctor. This two-year-old who’s hospitalized passes the time by playing operation with her doctor and Dora the Explorer. She’s all scrubbed up like a real doctor, and she’s ready to get to work.

Hopefully, this inspires her to become a doctor down the road.

Find Waldo By The End Of Your Appointment.


This doctor will have to switch up the frame like once a month. By the time it gets to the end of the month, most patients will have found Waldo already.

However, I wish all dentists would put something like this on their ceilings. It would relax anyone before seeing the dentist.

Obey And Wash Your Hands


It’s hilarious that the doctor has a “Keep calm, I’m the doctor” sign. That has to be one of the most organized and clean doctor’s offices. But, if I ever become a doctor, this will be me.

I wouldn’t want patients running around my office with germs all over their hands.

The next one ahead will be a wake up call for people who don’t get their vaccinations.

A Friendly Reminder From Hospital T-Rex


You have a good point there, T-REX. Despite the tiny hand, I love the fact that T-rex is holding the sign and nothing else. To me, everyone needs to have this T-Rex, but not with this sign.

But, when the pain is excruciating, you still want to be treated faster.

That Will Fight Off The Monsters


If you know someone who’s afraid of a monster, this could help. The doctor had a pharmacy fill this in for her, and it’s a great idea from a caring person. It’s even better that the pharmacy went along with it too.

I wish all pharmacies would do this for kids.

The New Sign At The Doctor’s Office


The doctor shouldn’t tell this to the children or the parents who get their kids vaccinated. But, to the ones who put their children at risk by refusing vaccinations, you better have a good excuse.

You can’t just refuse to do it. It’s really for the good of your kids and everyone around them.

Still on the way, a sign that will motivate anyone to get into shape. But, without two important necessities.

For Your Health


Notice the difference? Good, me too. It’s a reminder as to why you should go to the dentist. If you don’t, well, your teeth are going to look like Gollum’s from Lord of the Rings.

But, if you have a brain and common sense, your teeth will thank you for the improvement.

A Doctors Note If You Call In Sick For Work


I like this doctor because if we were sick, you’re making it worse by making them leave home. For me, the last time I had to call in sick was at a retail job.

All my boss said was "How many more days do you want off?"

Speaking Of Words Of Wisdom


I think anyone would do anything to be thin. But, dieting and exercise go a long way to keep your body in shape. You don’t need all the money in the world to go on a diet, but the right attitude.

And with great support, you’ll be able to diet in no time.

Blinds Open Or Closed?


Most ladies would take a pass on this. I get the offer and the view of the street, but this is too awkward and uncomfortable. I don’t think doctors are allowed to do this.

I would never make a patient feel vulnerable, especially over something like this.

The MVP Of Funny Pictures


The most intimidating thing about this is the pliers. Other than that, this is a wholesome picture that’s light and hilarious. The guy laying down is like “I CAN SEE SOUNDS THAT YOU CAN’T SEE.”

I don’t know about you, but that is the face of pure happiness while under anesthesia.