These Married Couples Prove That Laughter Is The Key To A Long Lasting Relationship

lol | 10/19/18

A relationship without humor is like peanut butter without jelly, spaghetti without meatballs, or the ’90s without Friends. It just doesn’t work. You have to laugh in a marriage. It’s the best way to feel super connected to your partner.

These married couples have a sense of humor that will definitely get them through the hard times. Frankly, we’re a little jealous of how cool they are.

When Mom’s Away, The Kids Will Play

Photo Credit: johnsbuffalo / Reddit

This dad has his hands full with identical triplets. He took this picture the first time his wife left him alone with the kids. She asked for an update and he sent her this.

I guess you could say that he took a risk by composing this shot.

The Best Wedding Photo

Photo Credit: Zombiebelle / Reddit

This couple got married this summer in their backyard. This was their favorite photo of their special day. I mean, the dress is gorgeous, the flowers are lovely, and the dog is adding a healthy dose of reality.

I hope nobody has worms. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

A Leek in The Sink

Photo Credit: Jermine1269 / Reddit

This guy’s wife told him there was a leak in the sink (and by this guy, I mean the photographer, not the green vegetable). He came rushing into the kitchen, toolbox in hand, and discovered this punny masterpiece.

This is exactly the kind of marriage I want.

A Crazy Sprint

Photo Credit: zachirino / Reddit

This man’s wife ran her first 5K a few weekends ago. He decided to post a couple of pictures from the race on social media. I think he did a good job. Photoshop skills on point.

She won first in her age group, so they must be doing something right.

A Souvenir

Photo Credit: beeranden / Reddit

This couple doesn’t live in Boston. The wife was traveling there for business, so her husband asked her to bring him back a Harvard shirt so he could look smart without the effort.

This is what she brought back. How do you like them apples?

A Visit With The Vet

Photo Credit: philman222 / Reddit

Wife took the cat to the vet the other day. Her husband sent her a text asking how it was going. This is the picture she sent back.

It’s understandable. Things didn’t go so great for this cat last time he was at the vet. He just wants to keep what’s left of his manhood.

That Settles It

Photo Credit: dontlookatmeimnake / Reddit

His wife kept putting the roll on “backwards.” Are you an over or an under person? I’m an over person, but if it happens to be under, I’m not going to make a fuss about it.

This guy definitely made a fuss. I bet she’ll still put it on the wrong way next time.

His Wife Is Excited For His Vasectomy Tomorrow

Photo Credit: Imgur

This moment from The Office always makes me laugh. At least this guy got a vasectomy present. I wish I got a present every time I was smart about family planning.

I wonder what’s in the bag. Maybe it’s a pellet gun without any pellets in it.

Pretty Much Sums Up My Marriage

Photo Credit: buyidentity / Reddit

Being in a silly marriage means you never get to yawn uninterrupted. It also means you spend a lot of time laughing, which is a pretty good trade.

I’ve been head-butted many a time. I don’t mind it all that much. It’s actually kind of cute.

Congratualtions, Dad

Photo Credit: tamplife / Reddit

This is a nice way to find out that you’re going to be a father. Kudos to this wife and mom-to-be who has an excellent sense of humor about the whole situation.

This kid is going to grow up in a house full of laughter. Congratulations, guys!

She Asked For “Flowers Or Something”

Photo Credit: sugarfish7 / Reddit

This woman asked her husband for “flowers or something” for their anniversary. Her husband really knocked it out of the park. A whole box of candy plus a tongue in cheek note? This is my dream gift.

I am so jealous of all those Kit Kats.

A Prank Two Days In The Making

Photo Credit: danspud69 / Reddit

This man’s wife has been waiting two days for him to open the fridge. It’s a pretty good prank, but why hasn’t he opened the fridge in two days? Doesn’t he need to eat? Maybe he was away from the house for some reason?

I have so many questions.

Photoshop Is Dangerous

Photo Credit: FeedBack20 / Reddit

His wife took the toddler and left him with the baby yesterday morning. She’s a worrywart and he loves photoshop. Lesson learned; don’t reply with just a photoshopped picture when she asks how things are going with the baby.

This is a really good Photoshop job, though.

Are You Sure This Is A Recorder Rubric?

Photo Credit: not2dopey / Reddit

This man’s wife sent him their son’s music results with the comment, “I can think of, like, 7 ex-boyfriends who needed a scoresheet like this.” I mean, whoever made this rubric had to have done this on purpose, right?

Or maybe these are all perfectly ordinary music terms and all of our minds are in the gutter.

The Best Birthday Present

Photo Credit: jabberingginger / Reddit

Her husband always got colored pencils for his birthday and Christmas growing up, and he hates them because he’s colorblind. He’s wanted an iPhone forever, so she bought him one. This is how she wrapped it.

This is both super mean and super thoughtful. Also, erasable colored pencils? I need to get me some of those.

What Happens When Dad’s Alone With The Kids

Photo Credit: mikerockitjones / Reddit

Their facial expressions are spot on. Dana and Mike would be so proud. Get yourself a partner who has an excellent sense of humor. Anybody who appreciates Wayne’s World is pretty great in my book.

This is why dads should be left alone with their kids more often.

His Wife Left This On His Desk

Photo Credit: IHaveSomethingToAdd / Reddit

I love a smart and funny bae. This man found himself a keeper. This is basically a super cheeky way of saying,”I found some random batteries laying around. Can you test if they’re good?”

In any other context, a request like that would be a chore, but this woman knows how to make the everyday tasks fun and interesting.

Wife Asked For Some Ads For Their Garage Sale

Photo Credit: tweak06 / Reddit

The large print giveth, and the small print taketh away. I bet this guy got a lot of disappointed Facebook replies from people who just skimmed the ad.

This does seem like an effective way to get people to come to your garage sale, though.

She Told Him Not To Get His Ear Pierced

Photo Credit: pch14 / Reddit

He told the wife he was going to get his ear pierced. She said absolutely not. He ordered a set of magnetic ones. She’s going to flip when she gets home.

That fake diamond looks huge. A little prank never hurt anybody… I mean, I’m sure it happens, but everybody is going to be okay in this situation.

She Wanted A Picture Alone With Jason Momoa

Photo Credit: Imgur

She told her husband that she wanted a picture alone with the one and only Jason Momoa. Her husband wasn’t totally comfortable with that, so they settled on a compromise.

This picture is better than anything I could have ever imagined. This is definitely hashtag couples goals.