The Most Genius Puns Your Father Would Use At The Dinner Table

lol | 10/17/18

Puns, they make the world go round, especially for dads. A clever pun can be stupid because they’re corny but funny at the same time. However, some of them are so bad you’ll end up laughing anyway. Some puns can be easily discussed at the dinner table by none other than your dad.

Some will make you giggle, some will make you say “Oh I get it”, and others, well, you’ll have to see for yourself.

These genius puns will make you smile, no matter how bad your day was.

Weekly AA Meeting


Talk about a positive performance. But, they are discussing how to get rid of the AAAs. And, they’re complaining about how this job drains their energy while talking about their negative side.

However, AAA is the least of their problem knowing that lithium is dominating the world today.

Two Feet Of Snow


Now, that’s the only two feet of snow I want to see at any given time. It’s bad enough to wake up in the morning and see a wicked snowstorm outside your bedroom window.

But for feet like this, they look like they could use a toe truck for assistance.

Spring Is Just Around The Corner


Spring is taking a quick peek, but it hasn’t sprung yet. But, the second the snow is all gone, the little guy is going to be bouncing off the walls like no tomorrow.

Although, if Spring takes its time to take out old man winter, they peaked too soon.

Walmart raised their prices again. Read ahead to see what illusion they pulled off this time.

The University Library


How will anyone be able to use a self-checkout now without feeling like a narcissist? I guess all the students that come into the library will have to walk around with their eyes closed.

I don’t think anyone will do that, but this is just absurd and so wrong.



Not one cell phone company is going to believe your story as to how this happened. But, let’s assume someone shouldn’t have brought Call of Duty to life.

I get it’s a video game and all, but it’s not best to take something fictional and turn it into a reality.

Walmart Raised Its Prices


Well, Walmart’s illusion goes to an artistic level. They could have given the wall a new coat of paint as they were moving it. Talk about being lazy. Who was the genius who thought the sign needed to be moved up a foot anyway?

Don’t ever change Walmart.

A mama cat carrying her child down the road is the most unexpected surprise that’s still on the way.

One Very Small Check, Please


I didn’t know checks could be this cute. But, here we are now. Although, you should appreciate the server who can keep a sense of humor. It’s great to be lively and funny with a job like that too.

I really hope they got a good tip for following through.

Money Lisa

Now, that’s an impressive piece of art. It’s out of the box thinking and it must have taken a lot of time to complete.

Tenth graders will be jealous that they don’t have this artistic skill because their best talent is drawing trees that look a lot like broccoli.

A Mama Cat Gently Carrying Their Child


I feel like this is the wildlife my grandkids are going to know. When I first saw this, I was literally looking for a mama cat.

It’s great to see parents helping their children along the path of life, but at some point, you have to cut the cord.

Holy crap, the next one ahead might have a pot of gold, all thanks to the guy upstairs.

Lay Over At The Airport


All airports need to have this kind of layover. It would make the traveling experience more worthwhile. Also, this has to be a particular charter flight that had a delay, because they look pugged out.

Either way, this is one of the cutest things you’ll ever see at the airport.

Inbred Dog


Doggo is so adorable to play along. That’s a whole new version of “Toad in the hole” for breakfast. However, just when you thought the cone of shame was terrible, this is pretty impressive.

The color blending makes it hard to tell where the dog ends and the bread begins.

Holy Crap


Oh my sweet fairy godmother, there’s a pot of gold down there. But, man, those scrubbing bubbles don’t mess around. You’re so lucky to have a toilet like this because the sun kills germs.

Or, this is the pathway to an alternate universe that’s similar to the Bizarro World.

The next one ahead is such a mind trip, you may or may not be entering Alice in Wonderland.

You Knew Your Wife Was Hiding Secrets


Your wife must be a coupon fanatic. My mother wouldn’t do this, but some people want a bargain for their buck. Not only did you find her secret stash, but I bet she’s sweating in a panic right now.

Maybe it’s time to see someone about all her Secrets.

Clinton Hiding In The Bushes


“Hey look, now you see me, now you don’t.” Clinton’s motto is this: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

He’s like the quirky uncle you see twice a year, and he’s on his game right now. Those mischevious eyes really show how much fun he’s having.

Half A Pint


Now, this is some Alice in Wonderland kind of stuff. But, imagine walking into this bar after having a few too many. You’re going to see things your mind has never seen before.

Then, your mind will start messing with you like “Is it half empty or half full?”

The Gas Prices Are Falling!


The news shook this gas station too much. It must be Christmas time, meaning that it’s the time of year to give back. But, in our world, gas prices will never go down during the holiday season.

It’s a shame, but maybe it’s time for people to start using other transportation.

Frozen Hispanic


Thank goodness he was not that committed to his dad joke. I know what you’re thinking, it would be hilarious though. However, that smile on his face is a clear indication that he is so proud.

One could say he’s chillin like a villain. However, someone should get this man a coat.



Oh chemistree, oh chemistree, how caustic are thy branches. I think the tree is cool and many chemists would love this too. It’s bright, colorful and very festive.

But, it makes you wonder whether or not chemists in this lab would go all-in on celebrating Festivus, especially with an aluminum pole.

Rewriting History


They say history is written by the victors, but so much of our history has been rewritten over the years. Sometimes it’s because one story trumps another, or maybe it’s because the truth finally came out.

Needless to say, history repeats itself, even if it does get crossed out.