The Funniest Jokes About Lego That Prove They’re The Best Plastic Building Blocks

lol | 10/19/18

Ever since 1949, Lego continues to satisfy us while sitting on a carpet. The company may be over 75-years-old, but this playset continues to entertain generation after generation.

Since over 19 billion pieces are made every year, it’s interesting to see how some people get creative with Lego. From using slippers as a shield for your feet to giving them additional features, there’s so much fun and activities you can do, until you stand on one.

So, what better way to honor Legos by sharing some jokes about every kid’s favorite plastic building blocks.

Lego Dad Is Not Blessed By This New Life


“What is this crying yellow sushi roll!?” He probably thinks that and is wondering why legos don’t come in other expressions. The babies on the floor might look like Tic-Tacs, but this is nothing but an example of “What have I done.”

All the best to you and your new parenthood!

Antonio Brown, Is That You?

The only difference is that Lego has no ears. But, their next stop would be booking an appointment with a plastic surgeon or a barber. I am now so compelled to try to snap a piece on his head.

Nonetheless, I think Lego should design a hat for the guy.

Better Than Beer

That’s clever. Most legos do come in packs of six, so it makes sense why one lego wants to strut their stuff. Their blocks are like abs, but they are a pain to step on with your feet.

I can’t imagine someone stepping over someone who has abs on their stomach.

Read ahead to see why some legos don’t have personal space.

This Means War


It would be epic to see a war go down. I mean, it could end quickly, but still, it would be fun to watch.

I know a bunch of Star Wars characters outnumber the legos, but this is kind of like the toy version of David vs. Goliath.

The One Piece Edition To The Lego Set


You’re all like “Where’s the one piece?” Well, there’s some digging you’ll have to do. You have one piece, and you may put it anywhere. So, you decide to use the brown lego and place it beside the cat.

The poop from the cat is the most realistic thing ever.

Never Lego

I guess legos have no personal space awareness. And, I don’t think they realize that red and yellow don’t mix well together. But, I can’t help but think of a scene from Titanic.

The part where Rose stands at the front of the boat, free as a bird. This is no different than that scene.

For the next one ahead, someone actually made the product, no joke. But it helps to keep your feet from being in pain.

The Little Guy Was Rescued


He’s seen things no other lego has seen before. The face says it all. It’s like he’s seen Die Hard multiple times and he’s had enough. Great, now he’s going to be traumatized for the rest of his life.

But, at least he can live another day!

When You Have The Lego Man Hair


When you tell your cousin he has lego man hair, you had better bring the proof. Not only will he be displeased by this look-a-like, but neither is Lego Man. One time, I saw a man at the market whose prosthetic hand looked like a Lego hand.

I nearly blurted it out.

Someone Actually Made This, No Joke

These need to be sold in every toy store. Like, put it in the Lego section across the world. It even comes with a built-in 2×4 block on the inner sole. Some say slippers exist for this reason, but for others, not so much.

This item should come free with every box.

Still on the way, if you can’t afford the slippers, there’s an alternative that serves as a good enough option.

Lego Leia Had Too Many Drinks


Han Solo won’t be pleased with this. That’s too bad because this is brilliance right here. But, it’s rather hilarious watching Lego Leia moon the printer better than Bart Simpson could.

All it reveals are pictures of her blocks, which are considered to be her butt. It’s just a prank people!

Lego Man In A Head Pit


You could also do this for a scene whenever the next Saw movie comes out. But the horror of all the lego heads is intimidating.

But, this has more of a Get Out feel because it seems like Lego man is going to be in the Sunken Place for some time.

Lego Genius


The next time you step on a lego, you’ll get taller. No, you won’t turn into Andre the Giant, but you’re a bloody genius. Legos don’t have to be only building blocks.

They can be used by humans to defeat the evil pain of stepping on a lego.

I really don’t think anyone will be brave enough to do the next one ahead.

New Lego Kit


The dude needs matching black pants, and he’s all set. Not only is this amazing, but you would be ecstatic to have a lego that looks like you.

Speaking of that, it would be interesting to see Lego make faces that kind of look like you.

Lego Crime Scene


It’s no different than Dexter. But, this reminds me of a B-rated horror movie. For some reason, they love using too much fake blood to make it look realistic.

However, since there are movies about legos out, Quintin Tarantino could do a lego movie based on the stuff he’s done in his career.

No One Is Ready For This


Some would walk on this while others would rather walk on fire. Those movies better be free by the time you get to the end of the firewall. For people like me, I’m ready to take that challenge.

But, if only Chuck Norris succeeded, then I’ll give it a try.

When your friend passes out, the next one ahead is a better solution than pulling mean pranks.

Legos Have Afros


This raspberry afro would look good on any redhead. I think this might make the cut and the Riddler kind of looks better this way. However, if you want to be more creative, get a female lego person and a blackberry.

Then, you have yourself a lego Marge Simpson.

This Hateful Note Full Of Lego


The child should rip off the H so it would read “I ate my life.” For a second, you would be confused because it also looks like “I hole my life.”

The only way this kid is going to get back at his parents is if they step on the note.

When Your Friend Passes Out, So You Make Up A Dialogue Using Lego Men


Okay, that’s hilarious! And, much better then usual pranks pulled on the people who pass out at the party. I’m glad nobody shaved off his eyebrows or drew phallic designs all over his face.

But, the guy over at the tractor is handling a saw. That’s priceless!

Only At The Doctors Office


The good thing is that playing with Lego will serve as a painkiller. No, the pain of your soul doesn’t count, but I think this should be in every doctor’s office.

It’s a common problem for parents to unknowingly step on Legos. Next time, pay attention to where you’re walking.

Times Up


How could a company like Lego shun out people who live into their triple digits? Well, sometimes, you have to break the rules. When it comes to legos, rules were meant to be broken.

She can play all she wants because grandma made it through an entire century.