Mothers Who Are Living, Breathing, ‘Your Momma’ Jokes That We Can All Get Behind

lol | 10/19/18

Dads have their puns and dad jokes, but moms are the underappreciated comedians of the family. Moms will go out of their way to love you, but they also know a thing or two about how to mock your selfies. Or, if you miss curfew, they leave you a note on the door reminding you about what happens when you don’t come home on time.

Moms who are that special kind of funny will put a smile on your face. But, your dad could be in for some stiff competition.

From moms who think there’s too much nudity on TV to the mothers who have their own life hacks, these moms will remind you how awesome they are.

Mom Bought This Shirt Knowing Your Love For Weiner Dogs


That’s an adorable t-shirt. You may have bought something similar to this for your grandma, mother, sister, or girlfriend. Weiner dogs are cute, and they’re just as well-behaved as any other dog.

But, everyone needs their weiner to play with, don’t they? That’s not good advice if she wants a grandkid.

When You Wanted A Pokémon Cake But Get A Pigachu Instead


Whenever you want something special for your birthday, mom will go out of the way to make it happen. When she finds what you wanted, but it’s not really what you expected, DO NOT burst her bubble.

Only tell her you love “Pigachu” and that’s how you save yourself from being grounded.

Mom Never Could Program The VCR


That’s genius, and you could copy this for your significant other’s mother. It’s a good idea, especially when you have to explain the remote to someone who clearly can’t master technology. I wish all remotes would look like this.

I never understood the need for 50 buttons on a TV remote.

What happens when too much nudity is on TV? Mom has got you covered with the next one ahead.

How To Take A Selfie


How artistic! If you think about it, it’s profound. A picture of herself taking a picture of herself, taking a picture of herself proves she’s wiser than any of us. This is a very nice way to format the photo.

I will take selfies like this from now on.

Sending Mom Strange Text Messages


Having a text conversation between you and your mom is so cute. It’s even better if she responds with something absurdly optimistic and kind. If she can be hopeful and positive while texting, I think she would be a sweet person to meet.

I think anyone would need to borrow her for a while.

Nudity? Mom’s Got That Covered


Thanks, mom. It’s not like I wanted to see Kate Upton on TV. She’s just protecting you from the things you can probably find with a quick Google search, but she’s standing there not changing the channel. It would have been easier to turn off the TV.

But, let’s take a moment to appreciate the face on the tree.

Having alone time is great, but, with the next one ahead, a feline friend could make for a great conversation starter.

Mom Printed And Framed A Picture From Facebook


In all fairness, it looks great. Not only did she post this on her wall, but that’s post-modern art. Source citation is important, and my mom would do exactly that.

She finds the worst quality pictures on my social media pages, then prints and frames them to show other people.

Some Moms Like To Sneak Food Into The Movies


The look she gives the camera is like a deer-in-the-headlights and it’s hilarious. She’s looking at you like “What? You need to bring your own corn next time!”

Not everyone prefers their corn to be popped, but I would be annoyed if someone was using the flash in the movie theater.

Alone Time


Not going to lie, but cats are amazing to have conversations with. And, if you’re lucky, you get a meow-reply. Cats make good listeners, and they make puuurfect conversationalists. But, the best part is when they purr and rub up against you.

Even after a long day, it’s good to have that comfort.

Read ahead to see what happens when mom puts Mormons to work!

Mom & The Chicks


Those are some lucky chicks. With the little photo of mom and dad on the wall above the fireplace, the detail is incredible, and it’s a sweet touch. I would strongly recommend getting a tea set for the chicks.

Then, they could have tea and biscuits while they’re visiting.

Mom’s Life Hack To Baking


Before she causes a severe accident, buy her a real mixer. That will go a long way instead of having her come up with her own contraption. It’s a good idea, but once you put it into action, it becomes a disaster.

One thing’s for sure, this mom is a slick engineer.

The Mormons Insist On Helping With The Garden


These two came door-to-door to spread the good word, but this mom put them to work spreading mulch in her garden. Two men showed up to my house and asked if they could wash my car, they seriously wanted to do it. That’s how I found out they do that sort of ordeal.

But, this mom is a clever one.

The next one ahead could leave with you two options. But, your mom will insist it’s all good.

The First Time Mom Has A Windowed Oven


Your mom would do this until the window gets dirty. But, this is a moment in your mother’s life when she realizes that she’s kept her childish innocence. I bet this mom probably did the same thing when she bought a washing machine with a window.

I would honestly do the same.

Moms & Care Packages When You’re Sick


No matter how old you are, moms will give you a care package. It’s kind of her to do that, and don’t ever take this for granted. Some would do anything to have a mother like this.

But, you’ll understand when you have a few of your own.

You Could Do Two Things Here


You could tell your mom she’s supposed to take the iPad out. Or, you could stand there and smile as if nothing happened. However, she could argue and say that it works as good as an iPad case, and it makes it look safer too.

What if she knows this and she’s just saving money?

Even if she gets it wrong, the next one ahead will prove how thoughtful moms are.

When Mom Comes To Visit


The last time you saw your mom was at Easter. Six months later, she still thinks you don’t clean up after yourself. “Oh Jeffery, come here, sweetie? You got crumbs of Doritos all over your shirt. Let me clean that off you.”

This conversation will happen every time you don’t clean up after yourself.

Heading Into Senior Year Of College Like


If you love cartoons, proudly use these pens. There’s a good chance your mom might not be ready to accept the fact that you’re all grown up. This is all the more reason to thank her, and use them too.

College seniors can get away with it, and still look cool.

Thanks, Mom, At Least You Tried


It’s close enough, but it’s the thought that counts. Moms might make a mistake here and there. I mean, how often would you expect her to know what R2D2 is? She won’t know anything about Transformers either.

However, since she knows her son loves both, it’s still lovely and thoughtful.

When The Power Strip Isn’t Working


She might have created infinite energy, but the power switch is off. I know that some parents are wise, while others get confused by stuff like this. Your mom would unplug the cord in and out and say it’s broken.

But really, you need to flick the switch.

Anyone Got A Pencil Sharpener?


Whenever a pencil breaks, some moms come prepared. Even if it’s on a road trip to the cottage, she has to have a pencil sharpener handy to do her morning crossword. This would be my mother too.

Pencil sharpener? Check. Scissors? Check. Garlic press? Check. Sanity? Yup, it’s still there!