Libraries Are Supposed To Be Quiet, But We’re Howling With Laughter Thanks To These Librarians

lol | 10/23/18

Libraries are a place of silence. We’ve all been in a library that got a little too loud, and someone had to make the ear-piercing ‘shhhh’ to restore order. However, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom.

Librarian humor can be as hilarious as a comedian telling jokes. No matter the reason why you’re at the library, you’ll appreciate the little things that catch everyone’s attention.

To prove how funny libraries can be, some people mock impossible visitor requests while others have creative solutions to get you to read.



Then, there are paranoid people like yours truly, who keep their laptop with them at all times. It saves the trouble of putting the backpack in the trunk of the car.

But, the amount of stuff left behind in libraries is stupidly enormous. This is why you have to go in pairs.

How To Troll Patrons


Not going to lie, I would do this too. “I want a book, but I don’t remember the author or the editor. What I do know is that it was a picture book and it might have been about WWII.”

Luckily, things have gotten a bit easier now that you can take a picture of the book you really wanted to check out.

Losing A Turtle Is Never Easy


First of all, who brings a turtle to a library? I would understand if it was a student, but he’s Donatello, so I don’t think it matters. It’s where Donatello got his break before eating pizza and fighting crime with other turtles.

It’s the home of the Ninja Turtle.

Read ahead to see the librarian who was clever enough to use the theme song of a classic superhero TV show.

Coming To A Library Near You


Okay, this is pretty cool. Although, I did hear from people that Donkey Spock was difficult on set. Like a total pain in the butt, like a donkey who’s being mean. It’s only because Donkey Spock wouldn’t pipe down about making waffles for breakfast.

It ALWAYS has to be about the waffles…

Mug Shots


That’s awesome how he’s shushing the one taking the shot. Banned books often make for the best reading. They’re the publications by William S. Burroughs, George Orwell and other authors who fit the bill. I need to get my picture taken because I have read lots of banned books.

Sorry about that.

You Know The Rest


The intro of the Batman song of the library shelf is legendary. This librarian has seen much more than anyone else because having a sense of humor isn’t required in this filed.

But, it certainly helps to do things like this that will put a smile on anyone’s face, including Bruce Wayne’s.

Batman may or may not know what to do with returned books. Read ahead to see what he does.

A Clever Blizzard Solution


Unless you burn the books, but that’s only a last resort. But, if you are cold, check out a book, take it home, and find a warm, cozy blanket. Then, make hot chocolate, curl up on the best chair while reading your authors latest novel.

It’s a great way to beat the winter blues.

Alternate Facts


Oh, okay so this is where the Fake News is? Gotcha, I didn’t realize it was in the library. But, how can fake facts be in a place full of information and books?

Well, if this library helps contribute to the media landscape we live in, I guess they have all the answers.

Batman Knows What’s Up


Well, the caped crusader has his library. So, that makes sense, and it’s understandable why Bruce makes Robin do this errand.

I love it when places like this look at what the kids like and turn it into something kids can relate to. These are the things that make the learning environment more enjoyable.

A pun about libraries that you may or may not like is still on the way.



It would make sense if this were in the kids’ section. They wouldn’t understand what it means, well most of them. It’s a tad inappropriate, and somebody is going to get fired.

But, it’s probably best to use another acronym so that it doesn’t sound too raunchy, especially with kids.

Wearing A Panda Hat To Work


So, I guess that if you wear a panda hat, people will think you are one? That’s cool and all, but that would instantly make my day.

It’s very inviting and welcoming for a very high counter. However, I don’t know how much bamboo this library has on hand.

Library Puns


Raise your hand if you love puns. Me too! Everyone’s is welcome to join, especially because they’re never overbooked. I wish more people took advantage of going to the library.

It’s not just about taking out books. You can use the internet, rent movies and video equipment if you need it.

Still on the way, putting books away is fun, but with puns, it can make or break your day.

Love You, Thesaurus


Thank goodness the thesaurus survived. Could you imagine the exact opposite? Sure, having dinosaurs in this day and age sounds fantastic, but Jurassic Park showed why that might not be the best idea.

Like, I don’t think many dinosaurs wouldn’t be much help with our papers. Thank goodness the Thesaurus survived.

Please Be Patient


I wanted to say something about this, but maybe later. I meant to read this yesterday, but I got caught up doing other things. It’s is nothing more than the story of your life. You’re looking for a book called Hiatus, but it’s not in stock.

So, it’s off to Hawaii to retrieve it.

Putting Away Books Is Fun


No matter how good or bad your day is, cheer yourself up. Puns may or may not be everyone’s remedy to lighten up their mood, but working in a library helps with that.

It’s funny when you read it, but they forgot Dolly Carton and Salvador Dolly too.

The most intriguing library PSA is still on the way.

Accidentally Ended Up In Intersteller


It’s like when you put two mirrors face-to-face. And then, you realize you’re a vampire because you can’t see yourself in them. The thing about books is that it will take you places you can’t even imagine.

If you enter through all of the gaps, you’ll be in another dimension.

The Books Are Revolting


This disaster may break book-lover’s hearts ever. Either the shelves are overbooked, or the books contained heavy content. But, talk about a librarian’s nightmare. Walking into the library early in the morning only to see this?

The pain is unbearable, and that might be enough for you to quit your job.

A Library PSA


It’s sad but true advice. It’s a friendly reminder that people lack common sense. But, thanks for the information, this will save you lots of money. The knowledge found in libraries never ceases to amaze me.

But, it’s disappointing people don’t know what the “silent” option is on their phone.

When You Have A Hot Librarian Use This


Oh, by the way, someone’s been checking you out since you walked in. Don’t be frightened, because it’s not an overdue book, or maybe it is?

It might be enough to get your crush to notice you with this, but the librarian knows you have like three books overdue anyways.

Books Are The Strongholds Of Knowledge


A thick hardcover book can make a pretty good blunt weapon. It’s a win-win, and sometimes, I use my big dictionary as a step to reach things. So, yeah, books don’t have to be for reading.

It’s a good point, and it’s important to understand all the good books do in our world.