Hilarious Co-Workers Who Make Every Day In The Office April Fool’s Day And I’m Incredibly Jealous

lol | 10/17/18

Not all of us are lucky enough to work somewhere that encourages laughter. But, if your office is filled with amazing co-workers, you’ll probably never have a dull day.

From creative joke posters to pranks to floating heads — the office can see it all. This article is filled with some of the most hilarious co-workers who know how to brighten up even the worst day.

E-Wok In The Park

Imgur / mortalbug

The walls in this office are usually covered with trees, but it just got an upgrade.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes this person’s boss to notice the cute Star Wars E-Wok. I don’t know, I’m someone who likes subtle change, so this would be perfectly fine in my books.

Two Posts, Two Star Wars References

Imgur / SpudTheSpartan

I swear that there’s not going to be any more Star Wars references in the rest of this article. That’ll probably make some of you excited, but most of you disappointed. I apologize.

I’ll be the first to say that there are worse people that these co-workers could look like. Just my humble opinion.

Nursing Humor


An ER nurse and her colleagues decided gummy bears needed to be renamed.

So, just to ruin one of the best candy’s for the rest of us, they did it in awful fashion. I never really liked the yellow gummy bears to begin with, and now I hate them even more.

Savage Sick Note

Imgur / eagle66

This sick note is absolutely savage but I love every second of it. If you’ve ever had to work in a place that requires a sick note EVERY TIME you’re sick, this piece of reading is music to your ears.

While there are still employees who will fake being sick, most of us don’t. Trust us.

When You’re Not Tall Enough

Imgur / renerdrat

There’s nothing worse than having a muffled conversation between a wall with your co-worker. This girl isn’t tall enough to see over the cubicle so she made this creepy portrait- popsicle stick.

I don’t know if this is worse or better than just having a muffled conversation with a wall.

They Spoil Everything

Imgur / Nyrfan82

Look, it’s hard to blame people for spoiling TV shows like Game of Thrones. First of all, everyone watches it so you just assume they’re all on the same episode as you.

Second of all, you need something to talk about at the water cooler and it’s always a great topic.

Dad Joke #1

Imgur / SpanishDynamite

Oh, the office prankster. What would we do without them? Well, I guess we wouldn’t have to fake laugh at all of their jokes — but other than that.

The attempted joke is that this guy got his tires "slashed". I really hope I don’t need to explain any further because it’s painful.

This Is Hard To Read, Literally

Imgur / IAmTheKingOfTheLlamas

If you’re going to leave a note in the lunch room, PLEASE at least proofread it once. This isn’t MSN messenger, your grammar actually matters.

This manager learned the hard way that they should read over their work at least once. Most of us learned this lesson in school, but apparently not this person.

Words To Live By

Imgur / Flyingpigtx

You don’t want to go out that door with just any co-worker. If you have the choice between taking The Rock or Paul Blart, you take Paul Blart.

You don’t need to run fast, you just need to be able to run faster than the person you’re heading outside with.

"Return The Stapler"


This person took the stapler on the ride of its life. Say what you want about him not listening to the rules of the office and having it returned by the end of the day.

But, this office item is seeing the world. Hey, who knows, maybe it’ll “find itself” just like so many other worldly travelers do.

Yeah, Me Too

Imgur / Bamfimous

Whether it’s in the office, or at your home — we all hate getting shown up by our neighbor.

If you have enough energy to set up all of these decorations, I applaud you. You must have your life together much more than I do because there’s no way I’m taking the time to do that.

Can You Call IT To Fix This?

Imgur / Kimentor

Have you ever been so frustrated by technology that you just lose your mind? Yeah? Well, join the club.

There are some jobs that IT just can’t fix. In that case, a hard rest is in order. Honestly, I would be lying if I said that it didn’t feel absolutely outstanding to do.

They’re More Common Than You Think

Imgur / emziees

Avocado-related injuries happen a lot more than many people think. This co-worker had to take a week off of work after she sliced her hand open trying to get the pit out.

So, they decided to have a sign that counts the days she can go without stabbing herself again. Again, it’s harder than it seems.

You’re Never Truly Off The Clock


There’s nothing more frustrating than going on vacation only to be getting calls from work ever hour.

The point of going away is so that you can shut off your brain and not have to worry about what’s going on at the office. I 100% approve this message. THX

The Dreaded Office Fridge


Is there any place more chaotic than the office fridge? I really don’t think so. From people taking other people’s food to not having enough room — it’s awful.

Studies show that 99% of workplace conflicts happen because of the office fridge. I don’t know what study that is, and I don’t care.

When You Quit, Come Back, Then Quit Again


Is there anything better than walking out of an old job that you hate? If you’re quitting, it’s usually because you’re moving on to better things.

Getting cookies like this would be bittersweet (both literally and figuratively). It’s sometimes hard to leave your work friends, but then you remember you hate almost everyone in your office and it becomes very easy.

If You Smell Popcorn, RUN


I don’t know what to tell you, but if you smell popcorn in this office, you need to run. Your initial reaction will probably be to stay and eat the popcorn, but then you’re going to die.

This type of fire alarm should be installed everywhere. You’d wake up even the deepest sleeper.

Interesting Comparison


One of the worst parts about Christmas is having to put up the lights. It’s honestly one of the most frustrating things in the world.

First of all, they come tangled. It takes 40 years to untangle them. Then, half of them don’t work. THEN, you actually have to put in the three hours hanging them up. No thanks.

This Is Dedication


I have so many questions that need to be answered about this billboard. What happened to Steve that his co-workers felt the need to spend this money and put up this apology?

Also, what did the donkey do? Did they hire a donkey to replace him? Did a donkey kick him? I need answers.

The Work Cold

Imgur / blondebeck1983

There’s nothing worse than getting sick because one of your co-workers didn’t take the right precautions when they fell ill.

So, not only do you dread going to work and dread talking to your co-workers, but they also make you sick. This germ containment room should be mandatory in every office.